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For Great Cardio

When it comes to popular exercise machines to promote cardio heart health, both ellipticals and treadmills are quite popular. Both give you the quick and effective cardio workout. However, there are some differences not always apparent. The debate continues among fitness professionals, as to whether elliptical machines really do burn up more calories than a treadmill. There is even more debate about whether you can actually achieve a full workout with one vs. the other. There are some great reasons to pick the Elliptical Trainer.

Avoid Joint Injury

Elliptical machines are the way to go to keep the impact on your joints quite low and easy during your workout on one. People going through physical therapy (PT) often choose ellipticals. Of course, as we age we need exercise that reduces occurrences of pain and bruising. An elliptical trainer is the ideal answer to keep the stress off of your knees, hips, and ankles.

Upper Body Needs

Because elliptical trainers have arm poles as well as foot pads, you really do get a total workout, including a great workout for all of your arm and shoulder muscles. This means you will also increase muscle mass and thus your physical strength while at the same time getting a complete cardio workout. Some people also consider elliptical machines to be good training for cross country skiing.

Quality At Home

The quality of your workouts at home will definitely improve with an elliptical trainer. Because you feel less strain while using an elliptical, you will tend to workout a little longer and a bit harder. You will burn calories while also building up your muscles. This is one exercise machine that comes very close to being the total workout solution.

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